Cash Chats #142: The hidden harm of your bank and pension

If you’re someone who’s concerned about the climate crisis, injustice in society and other ethical issues, you probably do something to mitigate it. You probably recycle and give to charities. You might boycott brands or buy organic. All good positive actions.

But you might be surprised to learn that who you bank with or where your pension is invested can do more damage to the climate, society and peace than pretty much anything else you do.

in this episode I look why you might want to move your money, and share a few places that are better than others.

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One thought on “Cash Chats #142: The hidden harm of your bank and pension

  1. Thank you SO much for covering this and highlighting the fantastic Ethical Consumer. I’ve been with Triodos since the 90s and it’s a joy to see each year the fantastic projects they fund. Fully worth the £3 a month. As of 2024 Ethical Consumer have Triodos, The Charity Bank, The Ecology Building Society, Cumberland Building Society all in the running . If a credit card is required they recommend Co-op and then Nationwide. are good for seeing what the big banks are involved in and War on Want has a campaign against Barclays. . #dontbankonthebomb #fossilbanksnothanks


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