Cash Chats #123 – Beating the shame of debt w/guest @myfrugalyear

I talk a lot about how to avoid debt in the first place, from getting the best price and value through to better managing your money. But sometimes that’s not enough.

A big factor is getting over the shame you might feel about your situation and the decisions you’ve made. So how do you do this?

Well it can really help to know you aren’t in this alone. That other people are going through the same things, feeling the same emotions. The more accounts of money management that we read and recognise, the less alone we feel.

So this week my guest is Instagrammer Clare Seal, aka @MyFrugalYear. She has gone through this herself and is sharing her way out of £27,000 worth of debt with her 50,000 followers.

Shame was a big part of her debts getting beyond her control, and it’s something she’s passionate about helping people break free of.

And a lot of what we talk about applies even if you don’t have debt. We can all feel shame about finances – whether that’s an impulse buy through to being unable to do something as you can’t afford it.

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