Cash Chats 344 | Are Avios flights really “free”? – Andy’s month in money October 2023

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In the latest episode of the pod I’m talking about:

  • My month in money for October 2023, including
  • Using my BA Companion Voucher
  • Pre existing conditions and travel insurance
  • Back up holiday spending cards
  • 1st class vs 2nd class stamps
  • Cheap gigs
  • Your wins and losses for the month
  • My deals of the week

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2 thoughts on “Cash Chats 344 | Are Avios flights really “free”? – Andy’s month in money October 2023

  1. Christine Snowball October 31, 2023 at 3:18 pm

    I’m concerned about spoof emails that require me to click a link. I’m not certain what is genuinely connected to Andy Webb ‘Be clever with your cash’. I got one today from Nicky Selwood under your ‘ Be Clever….’ . Can you confirm what is a genuine colleague of yours. Much easier when just looked for your face!

    1. Yes Nicky is part of the team! If you’re not sure you can always head direct to the site and look for the article in questions (or use the search button)


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