Cash Chats podcast episode 2 with guest Kalpana Fitzpatrick

In the latest Cash Chats podcast I’m joined by Kalpana Fitzpatrick from Mummy Money Matters.

Listen below to hear us discuss the best time to teach kids about money, the simple mistakes people make when switching energy, and some top tips for planning your holiday.

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Plus the articles we discuss can be found at the bottom of the page.

Andy’s links from the podcast

Eight common energy switching mistakes
Dear NPower
How to find a cheap flight
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Kalpana’s links from the podcast

Financial education for kids – how to use Pokémon trading card games to teach your child about money
Sticking to a budget in Orlando
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UK Money Bloggers links from the podcast

Booking your holiday Twitter chat tips

Oh, and this is the earworm that Kalpana’s “Never too late” mantra lodged in my head – it was full on 80s cheese!


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