Cash Chats episode 34 w/ guest Charlotte Burns

A fun chat this week about Uber, shrinkflation and those big charity cheques. Plus why you need to be buying your chocolate from Aldi!

My guest for this episode is Charlotte Burns. Charlotte was actually the guest for my first ever episode back in January and it’s great to have her back on the show, particularly when she shares her clever money saving tricks!

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Show notes: this week’s links

Charlotte’s blog LottyEarns

UK Money Blogger awards

The winners and runner-ups from the 2017 SHOMOs


Will the end of Uber in London make women more or less safe? (The Guardian)
Ways to save on Uber (Be Clever With Your Cash)
Seven times I think it’s worth paying more (Be Clever With Your Cash)


ONS research into shrinking products (BBC)
Own brand vs big brand (Lotty Earns)


Why how you donate to charity can make a difference (Be Clever With Your Cash)



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