Cash Chats ep38: Ask Andy – Lifetime ISAs, spending Nectar points and free magazines

In this week’s episode I answer a handful of questions I’ve received from listeners and readers.

The first question is from Jonathan about Nectar points

“Hi Andy. I have amassed 41,171 Nectar Points over the years ! But what can i do with them and are they actually worth anything and if so, WHAT ? All i can see on various websites is, how i can earn even more of them ! More of them ? I haven’t got a clue what to do with the ones i already have, let alone earning more of them !!! Can you advise me what to do please ? Thank you. Kind Regards Jonathan.”

Then I tackle two questions about the lifetime ISA. The first is from Stephen about keeping it until you retire.

“Hello mate I’m 37 and thinking of just putting 20poundsd a month in till I hit 50, just as some extra money. The plan is not to touch it for 13 years. If I die does my next of kin get the money? I can’t find any info on what would happen. Thanks mate.”

Then a query from Mike about using the LISA to buy your first home

“Hi – I have a Help to Buy with ~£5.5k in it at the moment- can I transfer this over to a LISA and add another £4k before April 5? So keep paying into HTB – transfer to LISA on say April 4, add £4k extra as well, then add £4k on April 6? Would that be allowed? Many thanks”

Finally, not actually a question. Instead it was a tip from a regular reader. Pete got in touch with the following message:

Hi… I just read your piece about free radio times issues. I get the magazine free every week through an online library. You just have to join them online, without ID, and you have access to free magazines… So I get Q, Esquire, GQ, Empire, Radio Times, Webuser, Cosmo, Vogue and more for free!”

Listen below to all my answers.

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Nectar points

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