Best value ways to stream movies at home

Sky Store, Google Play, Rakuten and Chili vs Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV.

Whether you should rent a film online or watch it via a subscription service depends on a few factors. Cost is an obvious one, and there are ways to pay less than the headline prices. But you also need to factor in how often you’re going to actually watch a film and how soon after its release you want to watch something.

To help you work out what’s the best value for money, I’ve taken a look at the main ways you can watch films at home. 

This includes both rental services (including Sky Store, Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Chili and Rakuten) and subscription services (NOW TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime). Most have reasons to choose one over another, and a few should also be avoided at all costs.

Watch the video below to find out my thoughts, and if you want to read more about the different deals for all these options you can click the links further down the page.



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