Andy’s £1k money makeover part 4: Your energy bills

In the next part of my £1,000 money makeover I’m looking at your gas, electricity and water bills.

Here’s everything you need to know about cutting how much you spend on your energy each year, with tips on how to compare for the best rates, what a smart meter actually does and whether a water meter is a good idea.

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3 thoughts on “Andy’s £1k money makeover part 4: Your energy bills

  1. This is my recent experience with Bristol Wessex water:

    I am 86 and live by myself and monitor my utilities quite closely. I’m unable to monitor water usage as the water meter is on the pavement and not very accessible.
    On a random check of my bank statement in March I noticed I had been debited by an increase in my water bill from £15pm to £45pm since January without notification. The lady that answered my query said there had been a ‘spike’ in my usage in November last year which I couldn’t account for as my routine hadn’t changed. She arranged for the meter to be checked the following week and the meter dial was spinning when all water to the bungalow had been turned off. A leak was found between the pavement and my house and was subsequently repaired. I was refunded £78 and my Direct Debit was increased to £18pm from April 1st.
    The Engineer sent to check the meter said the previous readings may not have been queried as he may have thought I had visitors staying.
    I don’t know how long the leak would have continued if I hadn’t queried my bill.

    1. Yes it’s frustrating then the meter doesn’t let you check it. Mine is the same. Glad you got the refund sorted.

    2. Water meters readers in our area leave the frost protecting styrene disc swivelled vertical when taking a reading- allowing them to take quicker readings next time. However your supply then becomes vulnerable to heavy frost damage in Winter.
      They also leave some meter flaps proud in footpaths after readings – providing unnecessary trip hazards too lnconsiderate pavement parkers can prevent prompt water shutdown in the event of emergencies.


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