Is a smart meter worth it?

I’ve previously resisted getting a smart meter, but in July I had one installed. Here’s why I got it, and whether I think it’s worth it.

This summer my energy company finally made the switch (in my area at least) from first-generation smart meters (known as SMETS I) to the second generation version (aka SMETS II). This was important as the earlier option has been known to become a “dumb” meter if you switch supplier – something I do every year.

So once I was guaranteed a smart meter that would keep working, regardless of who supplied my gas and electricity, I booked a slot to have one installed.

In this video I’ve shared how the installation went, and my assessment of the three reasons why the energy companies say we should get one.

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2 thoughts on “Is a smart meter worth it?

  1. We would be better off with the costs of meters deducted from our energy charges. The companies will want to take manual meter readers off the payroll . The idea is right but no one will be surprised if the tech does not work . Submit readings monthly not difficult and watch out for companies retaining your money overpaid, when you switch suppliers !

  2. I have had gas/electric smart meters installed in July this year.
    Are they smart? Nope.
    I still have to submit readings manually as they won’t pair up with the companies (robin hood energy) server.
    I was told on the phone by numerous cal representative s that I had refused installation of the meters! Yet my readings started again at zero to prove they were fitted.


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