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Find cheap holiday apartments with this Clever Site, or make money by putting your spare room on it.

When I was travelling last year we found plenty of cheap hostels and hotels in South America. As soon as we hit the big cities of North America that stopped. Fortunately we’d been told by friends about AirBnB – and it saved us hundreds of pounds!

On AirBnB, people list their apartments, spare rooms or sofas for you to rent. You can chose according to your budget, and in our experience each place was better value than the hotel options of the same price. You’ll probably have access to a kitchen too, which can help bring costs down. We had places to ourselves and we also shared with the owner, and people were always very friendly. Despite the title, very few are actually BnB’s.

You can search for the location, type of place and cost, then you communicate with the host. If they like the look of you it’s up to them to decide the rate. You can negotiate this and once agreed they’ll send you an offer. Be quick to confirm this as it doesn’t guarantee you’ve got it – other people might make an approach while you’re thinking.

A quick hint – if you are able to find the property listed privately or on TripAdvisor, you might be able to avoid paying the fees. A quick google of the descriptions or location is all it takes.

It’s really secure as hosts can ask for a high level of verification (all done independently via the site) to check you are who you say you are, and you can make sure hosts have performed the same checks. Check the reviews left by others as they can be very useful guides to location, cleanliness and the host.

Annoyingly we did find that you often don’t get a response, or places aren’t always available for short periods of a day or two. Overall though we stayed at some fantastic places.

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