50+ free and cheap concerts to watch online

Watch classic gigs on YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and NOW TV.

There are hundreds of free and cheap gigs available to watch online.

I’ve tried to give a few options to cater for different tastes and included acts I’m not personally a fan of so there will hopefully something for most of you. 

I’ve focused on videos on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV which hopefully will still be there whenever you read this article, but I’ll update the BBC iPlayer section on a regular basis as these tend to only be on there for 30-days.

To help you find others, here’s my article with tips for finding more free online concerts.

Glastonbury on BBC iPlayer

From 10am Thursday 25th June 2020 the BBC is hosting a huge selection of classic Glastonbury performances on iPlayer. 

You can choose to watch “live” from a selected line up (shown in the picture below), or pick from these and loads more on-demand, allowing you to curate your own digital festival.

At the time of writing not all the performances were on iPlayer so it could be that some are added as the weekend goes on.

10 classic artists on YouTube

A chance to watch artists no longer with us or see performances in their prime. All of these are free.

[mv_create title=”Classic performances” key=”14″ type=”list” layout=”numbered” thumbnail=”https://becleverwithyourcash.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/hqdefault-5.jpg”]

15 more gigs on YouTube

A handful more free shows I’ve found on YouTube from the last 20 years.

[mv_create title=”More on YouTube” key=”15″ type=”list” layout=”numbered” thumbnail=”https://becleverwithyourcash.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/maxresdefault-13.jpg”]

25 concerts on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Now TV/Sky

Ok, so these are only free if you’re already paying for one of these streaming services. Not only can you guarantee the quality of these films, but it’s also less of a grey area in terms of copyright as these are all legitimate recordings.

Amazon tends to have classic concerts, Netflix has a small number of gigs by pop superstars while Now TV has a huge selection of new shows by (largely older) acts via the Sky Arts channel.

Here’s more on how to get these channels for less.

[mv_create title=”Gigs on Amazon Prime, Netflix & NOW TV” key=”16″ type=”list” layout=”numbered”] 

How to watch classic gigs for free online


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