How to win at competitions

Online Competition I had some luck at Christmas when entering online competitions (Blog: The Winner Takes Eiffel), so here are a few tips to take the time out of it and make it worthwhile.

1. Only Go For Big Prizes

You could spend forever entering every competition you find, but is it really worth it for a bar of chocolate? I’ll only enter if it’s a holiday, something worth a decent amount that I could sell, or random smaller things I actually would like or need.

2. Only enter ‘Easy’ Comps

Some forums will give you the answer, some don’t even ask a question. But avoid anything where you have to watch a trailer or do additional research unless you really have nothing to do.

3. Use AutoFill

The easiest and quickest to enter allow autofill (check the settings on your browser). I just begin to type in my first name and everything else fills for me. Otherwise it doesn’t take long to enter your basics. If you are a slow type you could have your details in an open word doc for a quick cut and paste.

4. Find Comps via Forums

Use MoneySavingExpert or HotUKDeals and just rattle through the posted links you think are interesting.

5. Be Careful Of What You Sign Up For

It might be worth creating an alias email address as you will end of with spam and newsletters (though you can unsubscribe from them). Remember to log in to see if you win! Double check the tick boxes and avoid anything that signs you up for a paid service, possibly via your mobile phone.

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