0800 numbers now free from mobiles

Freephone calls now really will be free. Plus changes announced for overseas phone use.

This is some great news. Very simply, you now won’t be charged to call any number starting 080 from your mobile – so there’s even less reason to have a landline!

You’ll still be charged for 0870, 0845 etc

Unfortunately these numbers are still excluded from any allowances you have with your mobile network – and could even now be more expensive.

They way they’ve been charged has changed, so if you call them regularly it’s worth seeing what your network costs are.

However, the best option is to try avoid them completely. Either see if there is an 0300 number or try the awesome website Say No To 0870. This clever site can normally find you an alternative number than will be part of your included minutes or at least more affordable.

Mobile roaming changes from 2017

It won’t start for another two years, but the EU announced this week that networks can’t charge customers more money to use their phones in other European countries.

It’s not clear whether this means you’ll be able to use you inclusive minutes, data and texts. If you do go to Europe a lot, it might be worth switching your mobile contract to Three, and they already do this.

I’ve also written some general tips to help you cut the cost of data, at home and abroad.


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