When Sales Aren’t Actually Savings

If you’re like me, then you love a bargain.  Offers, reductions, sales. They’re like honey to a bear. A bargain is a win every time right?

Well, no.  Sometimes, just sometimes, I buy things I don’t need just because the price is irresistible. I know, I know. Silly me.

My girlfriend and I have a thing for Converse shoes, particularly those that are slightly different. We were lucky enough to be in New York last summer so Cons were right at the top of our shopping list. Becky got four cool pairs of hi-tops (brown leather, neon pink, leopard print and red leather since you asked). I got  3 pairs of less traditional styles (black leather hi-tops, all red mid tops and grey slip ons) as well as some boots and 2 pairs of ‘grown up’ shoes. That’s a lot of foot wear!

We probably paid half of what you’d pay in the UK so they were definitely bargains, particularly as they were all rarer styles and colours. But 10 pairs of shoes between us? In my defence most of my shoes back home were on their last legs as I was waiting for this trip, but deep down I know I was seduced by how much cheaper they were than back home. Six months on and I hardly wear half of them.



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