Fair Prices At A Wedding Fair?

Like a Take That concert or screening of a Sex In The City movie, there were very few men at the Wedding Show in London’s Olympia last weekend. But there were plenty of brides to be, and also a lot of pink.

Having got engaged last year, it quickly dawned on me just how expensive weddings can be. For regular people like you and me (i.e. not loaded), other than the deposit for a house, there’s possibly nothing else that will cost us so much in a relatively short space of time.

The problem for many is that a wedding comes with so much expectation. Not just from family and friends, but also the bride and groom. Whether tradition is your thing, or you like to do things differently, you still want it to be memorable and fun. For many, it’s really important to have the sit down meal, to invite those important to you and experience a special honeymoon. And none of that is cheap.

Many of the stalls at the fair were for luxury items, big resort honeymoon destinations and lots of little extras that could really add up. There were quite a few special offers on the day, with discounts on anything from venues to hotels, though it’s never a good idea to spend so much on impulse unless you are really sure. It was interesting to see lots of wedding dresses reduced. Just because something is last season, doesn’t mean it’s not the one for you.

Sessions with tips such as how to not ruin your photos could help couples not waste money on some pics they end up hating! And I did pick up a goodie bag (with free sugar?!). So I’m sure there were some bargains to be had, and plenty of inspiration for you to find cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

Of course you could do a wedding very cheaply. Eloping to Gretna Green might not be possible anymore, but a registry office and small party wouldn’t be too expensive. A friend spent only £1,500 on hers. She had a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed being really involved.

Fortunately we’re a good eighteen months away so we’ve plenty of time to get our head around what we can afford and what we’d like.

Since Be Clever With Your Cash is all about finding ways to spend money where and how you really want, we’ve produced a 8 Ways To Afford The Wedding You Want guide.

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