Video: How to sell unwanted tickets

Don’t support touts – sell tickets you don’t need to music, theatre and sport fans at a fair price.

A few months back my Cash Chats podcast tackled the problem of ticket touts and how you can avoid the ridiculous price mark-ups on going to see bands, shows and sport.

Well the other week I had the opposite problem. Rather than not being able to get tickets, I actually had tickets to a gig which I couldn’t attend.

Watch this video to find out how I sold them without using dodgy resellers such as Viagogo or Stubhub.

My top things to remember when you sell unwanted tickets

1. If you use sites like Viagogo you might make a profit on your purchase but you’re indirectly supporting the touts who also use these sites. Don’t do it.
2. Twickets and Scarletmist are both fan to fan resale sites where you can’t charge more than the face value. A far better option.
3. If there are lots of tickets being resold you might have to lower the price to get a sale.
4. Be careful if you have to handover tickets in person. Always meet in a public place.

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