Video: Putting the new fiver through its paces

I’m normally paying with plastic thanks to my love of cashback, but with the new five pound note released today, it looks like even more of my spending is going to be this way.

That’s because the new fiver is made out of polymer, making it stronger and harder to counterfeit. It’s also smaller and had a redesign with Winston Churchill joining Her Maj’ on the note.

First impressions – it’s like toy money

It’ll take a while for the new notes to circulate around the country, so I dropped into the Bank of England in the middle of the City of London to grab one of the first.

Here’s my first impression vlog.

Yup, so it looks and feels like something from a deluxe monopoly set!

Is the new five pound note waterproof?

One of the big claims made by the Royal Mint is these new notes are almost impossible to destroy through normal use.

What better way to test that then to dunk my new note in a glass of water and crush it up. Obvious really.

Here’s how it fared:

Pretty good eh?

Being plastic, it’s better at withstanding water than the current paper and cotton notes, and it bounces back into shape after every fold and crunch. Impressive (as far as money goes).

Money laundering – putting it through the wash

One possible failing is meant to be heat – So my next test was put it through a hot wash. I stuck it in my jeans pocket and left it to enjoy a relaxing spin in a 40 degree washing cycle. I’ve read that it’s only temperatures of 120 degrees where it’ll start to melt so all should be ok. Here’s how it went.

Indestructible money?

There you go, it’s actually really difficult to damage the new plastic fivers. Of course you can rip it if you really really try, and I wouldn’t recommend ironing one (though why would you?).

Hopefully you’ll get your hands on one yourself soon enough and be able to see for yourselves.

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