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Here are some ways to save money on your utility bills

Here’s some utility deals and offers available at the moment.


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Energy deals

Octopus Energy: Octoplus rewards

Octopus Energy has launched a new rewards program, which Octopus Energy customers can sign up to.

You can get free energy with Free Energy Sessions, and get paid to save energy for certain sessions. These are given to you as “Octopoints”.

You need to have your electricity supplied by Octopus, have an electricity smart meter and pay by Direct Debit to be able to use Octoplus rewards.

Octopus says that you’ll soon be able to use your points to redeem rewards. So far, we’ve seen that you can get a free hot drink at Greggs every week and two Odeon tickets for £10. You can also exchange your points for account credit.

E.on Next Pledge tariff: 3% below the price cap

Both new and existing customers can get this new energy fix from E.on. Rather than having set prices, it tracks 3% below the energy price cap for 12 months. This works out at about £50 per year for the average household – what constitutes an average household is explained further here.

Further falls (and rises) to the price cap will alter your bill proportionately, however, you’ll be set below it for a full year. If, in this period, energy rates become more competitive between energy companies, which could lead to energy bills falling well below the price cap, you’d lose out.

You’ve got to agree to have a smart meter and early exit fees will apply if you choose to leave early.

Uswitch Utrack: £10 free and earn money for saving energy (ended)

Uswitch has launched a new scheme called Utrack Money Back.

It lets you earn money when you reduce your electricity usage at specific times. If you have an electricity meter then you can sign up and earn around £3 for every kilowatt hour of electricity you reduce your usage by. Plus, you’ll reduce your bill by saving on your electricity usage.

You can get a £10 bonus when you sign up and connect your smart meter to the Utrack app. The scheme is running until the end of March.

Water deals

Save Water Save Money: free devices to save water

Save Water Save Money gives out free devices to help you save water in your home. Not everyone will be eligible, as it depends on whether your water company participates, but it’s worth entering your postcode to find out. I tried a few in Surrey, Sussex and London that didn’t qualify, however, Andy found that his water company in the North participates.

You could also get discounted water butts, plus you can purchase the devices in the shop, which include tap aerators, toilet leak detection kits and even shower heads.


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