TripAdvisor City Guides

This week’s Clever App is a great way to find information about cities you visit.

I’m sure most of you already know about the TripAdvisor website. It gives you user rated and reviewed lists of accommodation and places to go. Very handy.

Their City Guide app takes it a step further, and let’s you download all the data for certain cities. This gives you up-to-date info on hotels, bars, restaurants and more, all on the move.

Just make sure you download (and update) the city guide you need before leaving home!

How it saves you money

– You don’t need the internet to find places to go, something that can be very costly (read our tips to cut mobile costs abroad guide).

– You can get an idea of prices of places before you get there.

– I’m big fan of guide books to plan my holidays, but most of the tips for hotels, restaurants and bars are out of date as soon as they’re published, let alone by the time you need to use them. So this app saves you from buying the latest version of the book.


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