Clever Site: Get train ticket alerts

Use the Trainline ticket alert system to find out when advance rail tickets go on sale

If you’re often asking when do train tickets go on sale, this Clever Site is your answer

How it saves you money

For the most part, the best way to get cheap train tickets is to book them far in advance. The general rule of thumb for when they go on sale is 12 weeks before the journey date. However, each train company does it slightly differently. There can be as much as nine days difference in some cases.

The best way to find out about a specific journey is to use the Trainline’s ticket alert. Enter in the journey you want to make and when you want to do it and you’ll be emailed as soon as they go on sale. Simple as that.

They also have a handy table on the page which tells you the latest date you can currently book tickets for with each company.

What to watch out for

I wouldn’t use the Trainline website or app to book tickets as they charge a booking fee. To avoid extra’s like that I use RedSpottedHanky.

You might also find that your trip is split across different trains, which might mean you can’t buy a full ticket until they are both on sale.

Make sure you read my other tips to save on train costs, and use the comments section below to let me know if you’ve anymore

2 thoughts on “Clever Site: Get train ticket alerts

  1. I have tried ticket alert with trainline with no success

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