Top tips for selling on Vinted

15 ways to increase sales

When it comes to selling on Vinted, you can find that after an initial flurry of sales, it all slows down and you get left with listings that just aren’t getting views. 

So is there a way to change this? We’ve pulled together some helpful tips for selling your pre-loved fashion on Vinted and also looked into ways to potentially increase your views and sales on the app.

Research your item’s value

Before listing, do a little search on what your item is worth. Vinted actually shows you what others are charging for similar items, so price accordingly and you’re more likely to get views of your listings.

Leave room for haggling

Don’t list an item price too low as you need to allow for offers which are popular on Vinted.

Upload lots of good quality photos

Make your listings look enticing by ironing creases out of clothes, hanging up clothing or using a mannequin to display items.

Include measurements of items

The more descriptive you are, the better, so include specifics such as arm length, strap length, leg length etc.


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Turn on bundle discounts

If you are selling lots of items, you can give a set discount for buyers who want to buy two or more of your items in one purchase. They’ll save money on the postage as well as receiving a multi-buy discount. You can set the discount level from 5% to 50% and vary it depending on the number of items purchased.

Sell at the right time

This may seem obvious, but trying to flog a thick winter coat when the temperature is in the thirties is never really going to work. So list your items when they’re more likely to sell and you’ll be able to demand a higher price. So sell ski wear in January and February, evening dresses in December, shorts in May etc.

Check in often

According to so-called Vinted super sellers, interacting with the app regularly, pushes your items further up the search ranks so you’ll get more views. Now I’m not sure if this is true, but having tried it, there does seem to be some truth in it – or maybe it’s just coincidence!

Switch to holiday mode

Vinted has a holiday mode setting which you can turn on and off as required. Some sellers claim that if your items are on a go slow, then switching to holiday mode and back again pushes you further up the search ranks. Again it’s difficult to test but an easy hack to try nonetheless.

List often

Listing on a Sunday seems to work well as it’s a popular day for shopping online. And listing often, again seems to push you further up the search ranks. 

Offer discounts to potential buyers

If someone likes one of your items, then you can offer them a discount to entice them to buy. It’s always worth a go because they may just need that incentive to help them purchase.

Reduce your price

If you edit your listing and reduce the price, all the people who have liked your product will get a notification. It’s like a mini reminder to them that they liked your product at some point and your reduction doesn’t have to be substantial.

Get followers

Increase your number of followers to increase your number of views. Again, some super sellers claim that the more followers you have, the more Vinted pushes your items further up the rankings. Buyers can follow you if they like what you’re selling and be notified when you list more items for sale.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

If a potential buyer offers you a price for an item you’re selling and you think is too low, then go back with a counter offer. If they want that item, they’ll probably be willing to pay more than their initial offer since a lot of first offers are cheeky offers!

Boost your views with a bump or a wardrobe spotlight

If you want to give a single item extra views, then you may want to consider ‘bumping’ the item. Or alternatively, use the wardrobe spotlight to highlight your listings. The cost varies for both options, but worth considering if you are having a dry spell in sales.

Get good reviews from your buyers

Your ranking on Vinted is important to potential buyers. If you are honest with your item descriptions and efficient at posting items to purchasers, then you can expect good reviews. Vinted actively seeks out reviews from both buyers and sellers.

If you have any tips for selling on Vinted, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to our list.

One thought on “Top tips for selling on Vinted

  1. lesley marrion-cole May 2, 2024 at 8:54 am

    Is ‘Vinted’ preferable to ‘Ebay ‘then? why? I’ve found ‘Facebook’ & ‘Nextdoor’ very poor. Nextdoor/Facebook people just want to haggle. I prefer ‘Gumtree’ and ‘Freeads’ but those are for selling furniture, plants & renting properties, not selling clothes or jewellery.


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