£22 Off Ticket To ‘The Weir’ Play

The Weir Cheap West End TicketsREAL DEAL

**UPDATED** Though this offer expired, you can now get tickets via Amazon Local for the same price. Click here to buy you tickets.

The West End is expensive. Very expensive. There are cheap theatre deals, but they are rare. So I hardly get the chance to go the theatre nowadays.

One play that got some great reviews recently was the Weir, but at £57 for stalls, plus booking fees, I didn’t seriously entertain going. It stars the fantastic Brian Cox, as well as Ardal O’Hanlon and Dervla Kirwan, as a group share stories in an Irish pub. Well now I’m going!

I’ve just seen this offer from Living Social which is selling top price tickets for £35. That’s a saving of £22 per ticket and there are no fees on top.

It’s a limited offer which expires at midnight tonight, or when the seats go. You have to buy your voucher (which will be emailed to you) then go to a special site to select your dates. These are limited so you do risk being stuck with only a few dates available or a mid week matinee. There is no refund if you can’t make the dates offered, so either get in quick or be able to make a lot of dates.

Go via this link to buy the tickets.

Here’s a round up of reviews from the main press.

Keep an eye out soon for our guide to getting the cheapest West End theatre tickets.


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