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I’m never great with showing off. If I was American I’m sure it would be different. But I’m British and for some reason I’m uncomfortable with saying “Hey, look what I did”. However I know I should be telling you about this thing that happened to me last night.

I am officially the 2015 runner up for Moneyblogger of the year in the Santander Media Awards.

Ok, not the winner (that was Lee Boyce from the Daily Mail – well worth a read) but for a blog that’s not even two years old, to have Be Clever With Your Cash recognised at these big industry awards alongside the FT and the Daily Mail is something I’m ridiculously chuffed about.

Andy Webb receiving Moneyblogger of the year runner up from BBC's Steph MCGovern
Receiving Moneyblogger of the year runner up from BBC Breakfasts Steph McGovern

But I’m not the only money blogger out there, and this has reminded me that I need to tell you about some of the others.

Show Me The Money Bloggers

As well as blogging, I also organise a “collective” of other people who write about money with something I call “Show Me The Money Bloggers“. There are lots of fantastic people out there sharing their experiences and knowledge, and many of them are working with me to build up the SHO-MO group. A bit like the Avengers, I’m confident we get together from time to time to do some good – but helping people with their finances rather saving the world from alien invaders…

Anyway, back in September I ran an event and awards ceremony to showcase what everyone is doing – and here are the winners you really need to check out.

Money bloggers of the year

This was the big award decided by a panel of me; The Sun’s “Mrs Crunch” Jane Hamilton;  Helen Knapman from Money Saving Expert; Charlotte Burns from Student Money Saver and Vix Leyton from Quidco.

It was a very high standard, and in the end it was a tie!

Disease called debt and Skint Dad were both recognised as being fantastic – and useful – reads.

Best personal finance blog

I was a runner up here too! But the deserved winner was Savvy Woman. You’ve probably seen it’s author Sarah Pennells on TV.

Best freebies and coupons site

I feature lots of deals on Be Clever With Your Cash but there are so many I don’t have time. Fortunately Latest Free Stuff does.

Best debt blog

A mix of stories about dealing with debt, and some cracking recipes, Frugal Queen was voted Best debt blog by readers.

Best new blog

I’m a big fan of Can’t Swing a Cat so was really pleased to see it win.

Most innovative blog

This I did win! I do try to do things a little differently on Be Clever With Your Cash, so it was great to have that recognised!

Best frugal and thrift blog

If you’ve not made one of Skint Dad‘s Friday Night Fake-a-aways, you’re missing out on a great way to cut back on your food shop.

Best lifestyle and money blog

This category was all about people who write about money and something else. The winner was the lovely Mrs Bargain Hunter.

Best use of social media

Extreme Couponing UK was voted the best Facebook page for money matters – and there are coupons galore to be found.

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