How to support “breathing spaces” for those in debt

Contact your MP to ask them to back a bill to help those struggling to pay of debt by giving them time and space free of extra charges.

There are 2.4 million children in families struggling with debt. With children in these situations are five times more likely to be unhappy, the Children’s Society has been campaigning for so-called “breathing spaces” to be introduced.

The idea is that anyone who is seeking help with their debts and has a plan in place to start clearing them would have a year where no additional interest or charges are added to their debt.  It makes a lot of sense. If people are unable to clear debts, adding more and more to the debt isn’t going to help.

This Friday there’s a second reading in Parliament of a bill to introduce these breathing spaces, and you can help by signing an online petition.

You can also email your MP to see if they will support it. The Children’s Society has a handy form you fill in which tells you who your MP is and sends a prewritten message. You can also check if your MP is already publically supporting the bill.




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