Supermarket Christmas delivery slots 2023

Plan ahead so you don’t miss out on getting your turkey delivered to your door this Christmas

We may not have had Halloween yet, but the supermarkets are already thinking about Christmas. This is the busiest time of the year to get a supermarket delivery, so some supermarkets let you book delivery slots as early as October. And when they do become available, they can go fast. Here’s when each supermarket will open up advance booking for Christmas deliveries in 2023.

Tips to get a Christmas delivery slot in 2023

If you’re planning on hosting this year and know you need one, make sure to pop the date in your diary and nab the time and date you want. It could be the case that you’re already too late, in which case you could see if there’s a collection slot available instead.

In addition, it’s worth remembering that with delivery and collection orders there’s always a risk that they won’t have what you want in stock, so don’t leave it too late for anything you know is essential. Last year, I booked a collection and there were more than 10 items missing. I popped in-store at the time of collection and found every single item available – it was a frustrating experience. 

With fresh food, you can always buy it earlier and store it in your freezer if the best before or use-by date is sooner than you want to eat it. Here are our tips on the foods you can freeze.

In addition, if you’re prepared to wait to buy your veggies in the final days, a lot of supermarkets reduce their Christmas vegetable prices to less than 20p a pack in the days before Christmas – they could be worth leaving off your delivery.

Don’t forget there are also ways to boost your supermarket spending power at some of the big brands with this savers stamp trick.

When can I book a supermarket Christmas delivery slot in 2023?

SupermarketWith Delivery PassAll CustomersAdditional notes
Asda3 October10 OctoberMake sure your turkey is in your basket before 14 December
IcelandN/A6 days ahead of your delivery date
Morrisons18 October25 October
Ocado18 October (if registered before 18 October)To be announcedSmart Pass customers that were registered before 1 September will be offered slots first
Sainsbury’s16 October23 OctoberClick and Collect available from 20 November
Tesco7 November (anytime passes only)21 October (everyone and off-peak passes)
WaitroseN/ABook now!Slots are filling up fast

Asda Christmas delivery slots 2023

Asda Delivery Pass customers will be able to book a Christmas delivery slot from 3 October, and everyone else will have to wait until 10 October 2023.

If you have a recurring slot, you won’t be able to use them from 20 December to 1 January.

In addition, if you’re getting a turkey, you’ll have to add it to your basket before 14 December.

Iceland Christmas delivery slots 2023

Iceland doesn’t usually let you book a slot further in advance than six days ahead of your delivery, so expect to be able to make your order from 18 December for a Christmas Eve delivery. We’ll update this page if this changes.

You’ll need to spend £40 to get free delivery.

Morrisons Christmas delivery slots 2023

If you have a Morrisons Delivery Pass can book a slot from 18 October. Everyone else needs to wait until 25 October to book a slot.

You can sign up for a delivery pass up to 17 October if you want to make the most of an early slot.

Ocado Christmas delivery slots 2023

Ocado’s Christmas slots are offered to Smart Pass customers who registered before 1 September 2023 first. After this, everyone else will get access. We’ll update this page once we know more!

If you are an Ocado Reserved customer, Ocado will be pausing the service between 20–27 December and 31 December–1 January.

Sainsbury’s Christmas delivery slots 2023

If you have a Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass, you’ll be able to book a slot from 16 October. Sainsbury’s will send you an email to remind you. Everyone else will have to wait until 23 October to get a delivery slot.
If you’re looking for a click and collect slot, you can book one from 20 November.

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Tesco Christmas delivery slots 2023

Tesco is releasing its slots in two batches:

Anytime Delivery Saver customers can book a slot from 6am on 7 November. This excludes anyone with an off-peak plan.

Everyone else can get a slot at 6am on 21 November.

You can sign up for the saver pass at £7.99 a month if you want to bag an early spot, although the earlier you do this, the better, as there may be a cut-off date.

Waitrose Christmas delivery slots 2023

You can already book a Waitrose delivery over Christmas – you’ll want to be fast, as a lot of slots are already booked up. These cost £4 each.

3 thoughts on “Supermarket Christmas delivery slots 2023

  1. More useful would be telling people when they should start queuing. I logged on at 7.00 this morning for a Tesco slot. I’m still here at 8.30 in queue. No information on where you are in the queue. Plus our local face book page is showing that some people who queued later have got slots. How is that?

  2. Morrison’s be Christmas booking slots fir those with a delivery pass is not working. You can’t click on a time as it doesn’t work despite the fact we were sent an email telling us to book by 10th Nov when the slots will be open to others . Can’t get in touch with Morrisons to ask what is happening ( or not) looks like all days up to xmas in that week are free but nothing happens when you click on it, get it sorted please Morrisons

  3. I think this is useful, however it should be noted that a Morrisons delivery pass will not gain anyone priority for a Christmas delivery slot unless the pass was purchased way back in early October. I recently purchased the pass only to find out this important information afterwards. I’ve now cancelled the pass and am waiting for my £40 refund.


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