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Plan ahead so you don’t miss out on getting that turkey delivered to your door.

The busiest time of the year to get a supermarket delivery is at Christmas, which is why some supermarkets let you book delivery slots as early as the start of November. And when they do become available they can go fast. So whack the date in your diary and nab that time and date you want.

Of course there’s always a risk that they won’t have what you want in stock, so personally I wouldn’t leave it too late. For fresh food you can always buy it earlier and store it in your freezer if the use by date is sooner than you want to eat it. Here’s more on my tips on the foods you can freeze.

Don’t forget there are also ways to boost your supermarket spending power at some of the big brands with this savers stamp trick.

Here’s when each supermarket will open up advance booking for Christmas deliveries in 2019:

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Asda Christmas delivery slots

Delivery Pass customers have been able to book from the 13th November, and everyone else will have to wait until the 18th of November. 

> Shop at Asda

Morrisons Christmas delivery slots

If you have a Delivery Pass then you’ve been able to book from 6th November 2019. Everyone else will have to wait until 27th November for the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th December.

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Ocado Christmas delivery slots

You can already book an Ocado slot for the 20th to 22nd December, though there is a minimum order of £90 between the 20th and 24th December 2019. For me all available slots are also charging £9.99. If you have a Smart Pass you’ll still have to pay for delivery during Christmas week.

> Shop at Ocado

Sainsbury’s Christmas delivery slots

You’ll be able to book for the 20th December from the 30th of November, and it’ll move on day by day. So the 1st of December will be available on the 21st December and so on. You won’t be able to get a delivery between 24th and 26th December 2019, or on 1st January 2020.

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Tesco Christmas delivery slots

Priority access for anyone with a Delivery Saver pass starts on 27th November. You can take out a free trial if you want to bag a spot without paying.

Tesco opens up slots for non-Delivery Saver customers three weeks ahead of each day. So for 20th December 2019, it’s 30th November 2019. Not everywhere will be able to deliver on Christmas Day.

> Book a delivery with Tesco

Waitrose Christmas delivery slots

Waitrose delivery over Christmas and the New Year is already bookable, and most slots on the 22nd and 23rd December are already booked at my local branch.

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