2 Spirits for £17, inc Gordon’s, Smirnoff

20140408-182154.jpgREAL DEAL

If you download the Checkout Smart app, you’ll find an offer to get £5 cashback when you buy two of Captain Morgan spiced rum, Gordon’s Gin, Smirnoff Vodka and Bell’s whisky.

Not bad, but it gets better. Morrisons have the rum, vodka and gin on offer at £11 each, roughly £5 to £7 less than rrp.

Combine the offers together and you’ll pay just £17 for two bottles – basically buy one get one free. A great deal!

If you don’t have a Morrisons near by, Tesco have the spiced rum, vodka and whisky at £13 each (discounted prices end today).

This is only for 700ml bottles and the cashback deal ends on the 11th April.

To get the money you need to use the app to upload a photo of your receipt – so don’t throw it away!! There is a minimum payout of £5 on the app, but that won’t be a problem in this instance.


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