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Calculate how much you earn

Whether you’re starting a new job or thinking of going part time, actually figuring out what you’ll have to spend (or save) after tax and other deductions can be tricky. The salary might sound good, but will you pay more tax? Can you afford to work less days? Well, this Clever Site is a great tool to find out exactly what you’ll take home.

The Salary Calculator is no frills. You enter in your annual salary before tax, and it’ll tell you how much you’ll pay in tax and National Insurance, and how much you’ll have left.

You can change variables such as days and hours a week. You can chose to see the amount annually, weekly, monthly and more.

You can add in student loan, childcare, pensions, bonuses and other extra payments. On an hourly rate? You can figure out what that works out as annually. If you want to find out how much you need to earn, you can calculate a required salary. It’s really good!

If you need anymore information about payslips, check out our Payslips Explained basics guide, which tells you the essentials you need to know to properly understand what the deductions you pay are.

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