Shop and Scan review – earn up to £83 a year

You can make £83 a year with Shop and Scan by scanning barcodes of everything you buy. Is it worth it?

I was recently accepted on the the Shop and Scan scheme. The idea is you scan the barcode of everything you buy and earn points which can be transferred to vouchers. Do it every week and that’s £83 worth. Here’s my quick review

How to sign up

You need to register at Volunteer4Panels. I took about 3 months after signing up for me to receive an invite. There’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted and it all depends on how many people they already with a similar profile.

What do you get?

Each week you’ll get 1100 points for scanning barcodes, and 500 for taking a photo of the receipt. That’s worth £1.60. You need a minimum of 10,000 to exchange for a £10 voucher which would take 6.25 weeks. You can also get bonus points for completing occasional surveys. at one of the following:

High Street and Web
  • American Golf
  • Arcadia
  • Argos
  • B&Q
  • Burton
  • Currys
  • Debenhams
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Ernest Jones
  • Evans
  • Fairshare Music
  • H. Samuel
  • Halfords
  • Homebase
  • House of Fraser
  • Leslie Davis
  • Miss Selfridge
  • New Look
  • Next
  • Outfit
  • Thorntons
  • Topman
  • Topshop
  • Wallis
  • Waterstone’s
  • WH Smith
Entertainment and Leisure
  • Alton Towers
  • Beefeater
  • Bella Italia
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Brewers Fayre
  • Chessington World of Adventures
  • Cineworld
  • Drayton Manor
  • Dream Car Hire
  • Inspire Travel
  • Keith Prowse Attractions, Theme Parks & Hotel Breaks
  • Leisure Vouchers
  • London Eye
  • London Pass
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Odeon Cinemas
  • Park Resorts
  • Pizza Hut
  • Red Letter Days
  • Saks
  • Sea Life
  • Sea Life Sanctuaries
  • SPA Thoresby Hall
  • TGI Friday’s
  • The Dungeons
  • Thorpe Park
  • Virgin Experience Days
  • Warwick Castle
What you do

To get the points you need to scan barcodes in a little book they provide that say who bought the product, the shop you went to and the total spend. Then you need to scan EACH product’s barcode. You have a little barcode reader which you connect to a PC (not Mac) for this.

For the extra 500 points you need to take a photo or use a flatbed scanner and upload an image of each receipt.

Is it worth it?

For me, no and I’ve returned the kit to Shop and Scan.

Partly it’s because our main computer is a Mac and our Windows laptop is battered and slow. But even if it had been a bit faster, the scanning just takes too long to be worth it. Of course they wouldn’t know if you don’t scan everything, but that’s not in the spirit of things, and even scanning one shop was too much hassle for me.

But if you’ve got more spare time and a decent laptop, you could easily sit down and do it while you watch the TV. You can end of with £57 of vouchers if you just scan the products, and another £26 if you upload the receipts. That’s money for nothing!

You also get bonus points on the first shop to get a £10 voucher, so it’s worth applying to give it a try.

6 thoughts on “Shop and Scan review – earn up to £83 a year

  1. I have been doing Shop and Scan for about 15 years now. Its not a big hassle to download every week. The pennies as a reward mount up over 12 months and pays for little extras at Christmas. I don’t do big shops anymore as l live alone, but l should think that people who download more receipts should defo earn more.

  2. I have been with shopandscan and it has become a habit, i forget about the reward and draw the vouchers when i need a large purchase, I have just drawn £300 voucher with Argos for a double mattress.
    Waiting for a sale. a £450 mattress for 300 makes it worthwhile for me.

  3. Mrs Judith Hall June 12, 2022 at 3:13 pm

    I have been doing shop and scan for a number of years, although you don’t earn a fortune it’s so easy and not very time consuming I will carry on as the rewards do add up and come in handy at Christmas x

  4. I have been with shop and scan for about 20 years but I am going to stop. They have had what they call technical problems and haven’t uploaded points for three weeks. It is not worth all the hassle downloading barcodes for £1.10 and scanning receipts for 50p. They haven’t e pralines why their site was offline for so many weeks, they open about their problems they don’t answer emails and now their phones are off. Definitely worth the hassle.

  5. I’ve been doing shop and scan for the last 5 months and I won’t continue as it’s not worth it. I’d been uploading at least 3-4 receipts each week, carefully scanning everything and taking a photo of the receipt. But in the end, you only ever get paid for one receipt per week no matter how many you upload.

  6. 16 years ago when I joined shop and scan I got £10 a month sent to me. Now I have added screenwise select TV meters in with the shop and scan. You would have thought I would be making more. I am making the same as I was when I started. I have to sort out their errors as well which involves alot of time on the phone. I would suggest leaving well alone. This system has deteriorated


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