Scam emails: How to spot them

Don’t fall for emails that aren’t legit.

My mum got an email this week claiming to be from TV Licensing. She spotted it was a fake pretty easily, but it reminded me of a similar email I got a while ago which was the most convincing scam email I’d ever seen. It was also “from” TV Licensing, but there were some tell-tale signs that it’s was actually scammers.

In this video I’ve shared the things to look for so you don’t fall for the tricks they play.

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2 thoughts on “Scam emails: How to spot them

  1. You are right to point out dodgy grammar but your analysis is not quite right.These are not genuine errors by people for whom English is not their first language.They are deliberate so as to sift out people who are likely to spot a scam at an early stage.The thinking is that if people fail to spot the errors they are then more likely to follow through and fall victim.If the email looks TOO convincing they will be swamped with people who will subsequently back out when things THEN look wrong.These people are cleverer than you are giving them credit for! Hope this makes sense-not easy to condense into an email

    1. Thanks Brian, really interesting


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