£5 To Spend At Sainsbury’s Entertainment

Pharrell Williams mp3REAL DEAL

Get the new Pharrell album for 59p or Beck’s latest for £3.58
Download Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience for 58p
Rent both Captain Phillips and Behind The Candelabra for £1.98

If you have a Nectar card, Sainsbury’s Entertainment are giving 1000 free Nectar points if you spend £5 or more. They’re worth £5, which you can exchange on various deals or spend in store at places such as Sainsbury’s or Vue Cinemas.

It gets a bit complicated as you need to have one thing in your basket from the Big Night In offer. This could be a movie for £3.50 (recent releases include Behind The Candelabra, Now You See Me and Kick Ass-2) or a party favourite track for 59p-99p (Blondie, Whitney, Queen). You can’t have two of the offer movies as it then applies another promotion!

You can add whatever else it is you want from the site (you could rent Captain Phillips, download the new Beck album or buy a book by a former Great British Bake Off winner) to make it over £5, then apply the code SEBNMAR14.

The code is valid until Tuesday 4th March 2014.

Beck Morning Phase


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