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This week’s Clever Site is a comparison site to check before buying anything – and I mean ANYTHING.


I mainly use Idealo for anything electronic or white goods, though it can give you the price for a huge variety of products – from Converse to weedkiller. You simply enter the product you’re after in the search box and it’ll give you a list of merchants and their prices. Though not exhaustive, it gives you a good start to see if the price you were going to pay is competitive.

What’s really good is that it gives you a price history so you can see if it’s ever cheaper. If it looks like it’s often available at a lower price, it’s worth waiting to get that discount. When I needed to replace our broken freezer I was able to check if the “sale” price I’d seen was a genuine deal – it was!

You can also set up a price alert. Last year when we were after a Kmix stand mixer I had a note to tell me if it went sub £250. It saved us £50!

There are plenty of other sites out there, with Google’s shopping tab worth checking out, but I think Idealo the best comparison site for everyday purchases. You can also download it as an app for iOS and Android devices to help you shop when out and about.

Start comparing at Idealo

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