Pound Shops vs Supermarkets

Are Pound Shops Worth It?It’s all about pound shops. A fly-on-the-wall series on BBC One gives viewers some insight to how they work, and now THREE online pound shops have launched (though as I write this one has crashed due to the demand!).

I’ve never really had a local pound shop, so it’s been difficult to tell if they really are offering bargains, or even full of anything I’d want to buy.

But the online stores make it much easier to compare like for like. I’ve taken seven everyday products to see which is better – Poundshop or Supermarket!

And The Winner Is…

So overall it seems pound shops can really deliver good value, BUT:

– Stock changes quite often it’ll be down to luck what you actually pick up
– The range online was pretty limited. You’ll have more options in store.
– Check the sizes of packs to see if you’re getting less than you expect at first glance.
– Online there are delivery charges which cancel out the savings
– I’ve questions over the quality of products when packaging changes. Are they really the same?

My thoughts – it’s well worth checking out physical stores if you happen to be passing, but unless you are ordering loads of toothpaste, I’m not sure the online sites are worth it… yet.


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