Latest Paypal offers & deals

From time to time PayPal runs extra offers that are worth checking out.

We all use PayPal (check out my review here and guide to features you might not know about), but you might also be able to nab a special offer. Here’s my pick of the latest deals:


Up to £10,000 prize draw

I first saw this competition on my friend Di Coke’s Twitter account (here’s her full guide to the competition). You get an entry every time you use PayPal to buy something or you can get 50 free entries. I decided to quickly enter the free draw. Then last week I won £50!

Though the best prizes have gone, it’s still worth giving it a go before it ends on 19 December 2021.

Referral bonus

Free £10 credit for signing up or referring a friend

As explained here you can refer a friend and both get £10 if they’re new to PayPal. They’ll also have to spend £5 via PayPal for you to both get the cash paid into your accounts. Now this all has to be done before the 31st December 2021 – so there’s not long.

Also, you can only refer five friends, capping the amount you earn at £50. That means I can’t share a link here, but if you are one of the first to contact me I’ll happily refer you from my account.

2 thoughts on “Latest Paypal offers & deals

  1. It worked brilliantly. £10 coming to both accounts immediately after the eligible transaction.

  2. it’s a scam don’t bother and a lot of people complaining they told me only first 150000 first people and how come this ad is running this xmas


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