3 Ways To Have A Bargain Pancake Day

Pancake DayIt’s pancake day tomorrow. Here’s how to do it Be Clever With Your Cash style

1. Get Them Free

Londoners can head to the Urban Food Fest stall in Shoreditch tomorrow to pick up a free one! They’ll be serving from 11am until 3pm.

If you’re in Manchester, head to the Blackdog Ballroom where you can also get freebies while watching a Man vs Food style competition.

2. Be Paid To Be Lazy

If you don’t want to make the mix yourself, the cheapest ready made mix is at Asda, where Betty Crocker’s is only 75p. Just add water. Even better, if you use the Shopitize app (read our Clever Site guide to how it works), you’ll get 89p cashback. So you’re making a huge 14p 😉

3. Make It Yourself
Shopitize Cashback App
Use Shopitize to get cashback on ingredients

Waitrose have a 1/3 off pancake essentials, including just 73p for 1.5kg of flour, the cheapest of the bunch.

A lemon will cost between 30 and 35p in most of the big supermarkets. If you want a squeezey Jif lemon, it’s on offer at a similar price.

Aldi has 6 Free Range eggs for 95p. Waitrose has them at £1.66. Everyone else is around the £1.40 mark.

Milk is one of those areas where a price war isn’t a good thing. If you can, go for Yeo Valley Organic as it’s not too much more. You can get 1 litre for around £1, then get 35p cashback with Shopitize (valid at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose).

If you want something else on top, Nutella is on offer at £1.50 (save 75p) at Tesco and Morrisons, with another 40p off via Shopitize. Tesco has the cheapest Maple Syrup with Clark’s half price at £1, though there are big discounts at all the stores.


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