Our social media handles are changing

We’re moving from @andyclevercash to @becleverwithyourcash

A quick post for you, but an important one. As of today we’re no longer using the @AndyCleverCash handle on our social media accounts.

Instead you’ll find us via @BeCleverWithYourCash on all platforms, except for Twitter (or X as Musk insists it’s now called) where it’ll be @BeCleverCash.

Here’s everything you need to know – and why it’s important to pay close attention.

What is changing

This change is only affecting a handful of our channels:

  • Instagram, YouTube, Threads and TikTok are now @BeCleverWithYourCash
  • Twitter (or X) is now @BeCleverCash

The other places you can find us (such as Facebook) are already under the Be Clever With Your Cash name.

What you need to do

In the most part there’s nothing you need to actively do. We’re keeping the same accounts, just changing the handle. So if you already follow @AndyCleverCash on those platforms, you’ll still be following the same accounts, they’ll just have the new username.

If you don’t already follow us and want to then you can click these links:

  • Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/becleverwithyourcash/
  • YouTube – https://youtube.com/@BeCleverWithYourCash
  • Twitter / X – https://twitter.com/BeCleverCash
  • Threads – https://www.threads.net/@becleverwithyourcash
  • Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/BeCleverWithYourCash
  • Facebook group
  • TikTok (there’s nothing on there right now!) – https://www.tiktok.com/@becleverwithyourcash
  • LinkedIn

Of course if you want to mention us in a post, you’ll need to use the new handle, otherwise we won’t see it. And you’re manually searching for us, the same applies.

Why we’re changing to @BeCleverWithYourCash

You’re probably aware that back in March this year I joined forces with independent financial reviews website Smart Money People.

A big part of this was to allow me to expand the editorial team here at Be Clever With Your Cash, not only so we can produce more content, but so I don’t have to do everything myself!

(You’ve hopefully already spotted some content from my writers Zoe and Brean here on the site, and perhaps noticed there’s more content on Instagram too thanks to social media executive Errolyn.)

It’s all very exciting, and there’s plenty still to come from the team. And it’s that last word – team – that is key to the change. It’s not just me on my own any more. There are four of us right now, and another person is starting in the autumn too. Plus later this year I’ll begin to introduce the team on the podcast and YouTube too.

So it doesn’t make sense to have those social channels labelled @AndyCleverCash. Our handle needs reflect that there are others working with me to bring you this content.

This doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere. I’m still running the site everyday as Editor-in-Chief, which means I’m commissioning and editing the content to make sure it fits with what I’ve established over the years. And I’m still writing articles and recording podcasts and videos!

What to watch out for

I haven’t written this article just as an FYI – there’s a more important motivation behind it. From time to time scammers have created cloned accounts, especially on Instagram.

In most ways they look exactly the same as the real account. The photo is the same, as are the grid posts and even some of the stories. But where they are different is the handle. Often it’s a minor typo such as a missing or extra letter. Or perhaps there’s an added fullstop or underscore. They’re so tiny that you wouldn’t necessary notice with a quick glance.

By moving away from @AndyCleverCash, I’m concerned people may accidentally think an copycat account called something like @AndyyCleverCash is the real one (look closely and there’s an extra “y”) – and then fall for whatever scams that are pushed to unsuspecting followers.

We’ve secured all the @AndyCleverCash handles so no one else can claim them, even if we’re not actively using them, but it doesn’t mean people won’t try to take advantage with similar ones.

They could also seek to create cloned versions of the official @BeCleverWithYourCash handle – so you need to be on your guard.

So I’ll leave you with some key things to remember to help you avoid the scammers

  • If you’re not sure of any social media handle you can always find the correct ones by following links here on becleverwithyourcash.com
  • Neither me or any of my team will ever DM you on social media (or email for that matter), especially with the promise of some amazing investment or crypto deal (the common though not exclusive aim of copycat scammers)
  • Ultimately we hope to have all the official accounts verified too, though that will vary by platform.


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