Never pay full price… at the Body Shop

As ethical cosmetics and beauty products go, The Body Shop isn’t too expensive. But there’s no reason you should be paying full price.

I often use The Body Shop as I know the products won’t have been tested on animals (you can read my blog on spending and ethics here). However, I NEVER pay full price. That sometimes means I stock up on a few months worth of items, but I’ll normally save 40%.

Here’s how you can also make sure you never pay full price at The Body Shop.

Use a Body Shop voucher discount codes

It seems there is a Body Shop discount code every week. I’m not exaggerating. Every week.

You might be lucky and get 40% off, but as a minimum you should find at least 20% off.

Sometimes these codes are structured so you’ll save £20 when you spend £50, £10 when you spend £25 and so on. Unless you spend spot on the minimum amount, you’ll find you probably save more with the percentage off deals.

Most of these codes will be obvious on The Body Shop website, but check O2 Priority Moments and Voucher Cloud too.

>> Look for codes on The Body Shop website

Join the Love Your Body club

This used to cost you a fiver, but it’s now free!

As well as a freebie on your birthday, you can earn 10 points for every pound you spend. Reach 500 (that’s a £50 spend) and you’ll get a free £5 voucher.

>> Join the Love Your Body club 

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    1. Hi Mel, thanks for sharing this, I’ll have a read later. I’ve written before about ethics and spending and how it’s not as easy as I like –


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