My top 5 tips for The Sun

Today Be Clever With Your Cash was featured as a top money saving blog in The Sun’s Mrs Crunch section

It’s all very exciting, and I hope a few more people discover the site and save some money as a result.

They asked for my top five tips, but as I expected space meant they were subbed down to just three. So I thought I’d share the full list with you here!


A lot of the advice for people on a budget tells you to cut back, but that’s easier said than done. I like to think of the big numbers those savings add up to, as that helps motivate me.

Say your family orders a £30 takeaway every week. Cutting that to once a month and saving the rest would give you £1,200 extra after a year. Taking a packed lunch to work every day could save the same – or more. Think what you could do with £2,500!


Being clever with your cash doesn’t need to be about buying basic and being thrifty. If you can get the best value from your money, you’ll have more money to spend and less need to do less or go without.

I’ll always use my Clubcard points on cheap trains through RedSpottedHanky rather than using them on food in Tesco. That means I’m doubling their value and cutting back on expensive train travel. I also use my cashback credit card as much as I can and that earned me £1000 last year. That’s extra money I can use for the things I wouldn’t otherwise have enough money for.


Don’t be scared by money saving that seems too complicated or a little scary. Start with what you feel comfortable with and see how you go.

There are plenty of ways you can get control and confidence. I use websites like Idealo to help find the cheapest places to shop, or the app for my bank to keep on top of how much I have wherever I am.


Don’t think “It’s only a quid”. Small savings are really good and very easy. The odd 50p here and fiver there really can add up quickly. Keep track of the savings you make for a month and you’ll be amazed.

Every month I save around £100 just at the supermarket by buying reduced items, using special offers and coupons, or getting cashback from apps like Shopitize. That’s about 40% less than it could have been full price.


Get a few big savings under your belt too. Most families can make some big one off savings that make a huge difference.

Switching gas and electricity, TV and internet, banks and insurance deals can be worth £100s of pounds each, and even more if you use cashback sites like TopCashback.


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