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Free Malwarebytes via Natwest

If you have a Natwest account you can claim a free Malwarebytes Premium subscription worth up to £49.99. You’ll find it via your online banking, but not through the app. Once logged into your Natwest account, head to the Security tab, where you can claim a coupon to activate the service.

You’ll be able to install it on up to 10 devices. It works on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. More on the offer here.

Games and console deals

I’m not a huge gamer, but if I spot a really good computer or game deal I’ll share it here.

Free weekly PC game

The website Epic Games gives away a free PC game or two every week. Sometimes it’s also available for Mac.

Get your free game

Computing and computer deals

I’ll add really special offers when I spot them.

5 thoughts on “Computer and gaming deals

  1. I think you can also get 11 percent cashback if you visit Curry’s via Quidco.

  2. The printer deal is a complete scam. The whole “you won’t have to pay for the first year” of ink is based on printing no more than 15 pages per month. If you go above this, the overage rates are extortionate.

    1. You can take the trial out at a higher level which has more pages per month

    2. No it is not a scam.
      Here is their deal according to the page,

      2 Requires online enrolment and creation of an HP Connected and Instant Ink account, email address, and internet connection to the printer. Upon purchase, your printer comes with prepaid value that will be added to your HP Instant Ink account balance. The pre-paid value could cover up to 24 months of Instant Ink service on a monthly 100 pages Instant Ink plan. Other plans available may shorten or lengthen your offer period. After you have successfully registered your printer and created your HP Connected Account and Instant Ink Account, you must redeem your offer and select an Instant Ink printing plan. You must redeem your prepaid value offer within 6 months from printer set up or it will expire. The Service begins when the offer is redeemed. Overage fees will be debited to your prepaid value card and may shorten your offer period. For more details, see:

  3. The Microsoft Office deal is good for home use, and you have to remember that it has a strict non-commercial use limitation. That would mean you could not use it (e.g. Outlook for reading emails) related to any commercial business venture. If you need to do similar software for commercial activities then investigate another product like OpenOffice.


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