Clever Site: Get cheap hotels with Kayak

Kayak comparison

If you’re booking a hotel at home or abroad, this site and app will find you the best deal.

There are so many different websites you can book hotels and hostels on that a comparison site is a must, and I use Kayak. I managed to save £30 for a night in Paris this summer through the site.

You can search by place and date, or if you know the hotel, by name. Filters let you select star rating, price range and more. Much the same as most sites so far.

The reason I use it is that you get the different price from a range of booking sites, including Expedia and Find a hotel you want then click through. Or you can search on cashback sites to see if you can save anymore. It’s worth checking a few sites it doesn’t compare too such as lastminute.

You can also compare flights, car hire and other holiday needs.

There’s also an app, particularly good if you’re away on a long trip.

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