John Lewis price drop refunds: how it works

Claim the difference back if the price drops after buying

Since the John Lewis price match guarantee was removed in August of 2022, their lesser-known proposition has gone quietly unnoticed by many. So we thought we would take a deeper look into their price drop claim the difference scheme for you.

What is the John Lewis Price Drop Claim?

Have you ever been that little bit annoyed having made a purchase and just a few days later you see the same item on sale for so much less? Well, if you make that purchase at John Lewis (online, on the app or in store), and within 35 days the price is reduced, then you can claim back the difference.

How do I make a claim?

If you bought it online or on the app and you find that anything you bought has been reduced in the 35 day timeframe since you made your purchase, you can use the online claim form to request a refund of the difference. John Lewis state that they will aim to get back to you within 24 hours of you making your claim.

If you made your purchase in one of the John Lewis shops then you can give them a call to make your claim, or go back to the store. You will need your receipt to make a claim.

Don’t let the call centres fob you off – we’ve had it confirmed by John Lewis that if you want to make a claim over the phone you can simply email them a photo of the receipt – saving you having to trek back to the original shop.

It’s a really easy process so definitely worth keeping an eye on any big purchases you make, so if they are later reduced in price, you can claim back the difference.

Does this work during Black Friday and the January sales?

Yes, the price drop claim is valid all year so if you buy a new sofa in early November and a few weeks later it is the headliner in the Black Friday sales, then you can claim a refund on the difference. 

A great time of year to be on the lookout for price drops is the post-Christmas sales. If you buy your gifts in December and in the New Year sales you check and see that they have been reduced in price, as long as it is within the time-frame allowed for claims by these retailers, then you can claim your refund of the difference.

Where’s the catch?

There isn’t one apart from the fact you have to remember to keep checking the prices of any items you have purchased at these retailers, which is easy to forget to do. 

My advice would be to set a reminder to check after Christmas especially, as we often pay full price before Christmas, knowing quite well that much of what we buy will be reduced on Boxing Day! 

For more information on retailers that price match, you can read Andy’s article.

Other retailers offering price drop promises

A handful of other places don’t just price match other retailers – they’ll also give you the money back if they cut prices. Though watch out as not all of them run all year round.

Amazon changes its policy often, but during big sale events, such as the last Prime Day, if you snapped up one of their deals but the product price dropped even further, you would have received an automatic refund of the price difference from Amazon. will refund you the difference in price if a product you purchased with them is at a lower price on their website or with another retailer within 7 days. That is on top of them still having a price match guarantee.

Argos aren’t offering a price drop refund, but they are promising prices on Black Friday sale products bought between 1 and 28 November 2023 won’t fall before 1 January 2024.

Currys’ normal price promise means they will price match for up to 7 days after you make a purchase if you find the item you bought is cheaper elsewhere. However in previous years they’ve included their own price changes during the Black Friday sales.

Halfords have a price match guarantee but even if you find the product cheaper at another retailer after you have purchased it, they will refund the difference if you claim within 7 days of purchase.

3 thoughts on “John Lewis price drop refunds: how it works

  1. I bought a lg tv in store on the 29 February, on the 19 of march the price had dropped by 10% on all lg tv with code LGTV10 i applied for a price drop refund within the 35 days it was refused because
    is not the same as a price drop before using the code ,i agree with Andrew above email my receipt i got a phone call from the cheadle store agreeing with everything above.
    eg tv £199.99 with code LGTV10 drop to £179.99.
    TV £199.99 has to be advertised at £179.99 for the price drop to apply .
    i will no longer go out of my way to shop at jl. well done.

  2. I bought a TV on Jan 9th, first delivery available was the 17th Jan. Now Feb 13th as writing this and exactly 35 days later from initial purchase date online and shows reduced by £50. Did the online form to get the £50 back will see how I get on and will advise accordingly. Online form doesn’t ask for the receipt assuming the online order details suffice.

  3. For anyone reading this, I wouldn’t advise trying to do a price drop refund for in-store bought items over the phone.

    The call centres are absolutely clueless on it and I did eventually manage to get someone to let me email my receipt in, but once I did, I got a phone call from a rep in the UK saying they only offer price drop refunds for in-store bought items in-store.


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