Jack Daniels for £12



This is a bargain price for Jack Daniels. Normally between £21 and £28 in the supermarket, this combination of reduction and cashback make it just £12!

To get it, head to Asda where you’ll see the 700ml bottle on sale for £15. Buy it and keep your receipt. This must be in store and not online.

Then download the CheckoutSmart app to your phone. You need to select the offer for £3 off a bottle, take a picture of the receipt and upload it. It’s very simple and explained as you go along. There are other deals on there you can claim at the same time if you have them on the same receipt.

You can’t cash out until you have £5 of credit, but there are enough normal purchases on there that you should hit that within a few months. Don’t buy something just to save a few pence if you don’t want it!

If you don’t have an Asda nearby, Sainsbury’s are selling it for £16, so you’d get a bottle for £13.

The cashback ends next Friday, but there’s no information as to when the supermarkets will put it back to full price.


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