Cheap iPhone 5C deals

Cheap iPhone 5C

If you are after an upgrade for your phone, this is a fantastic chance to get the apple iPhone 5C for cheap. It’s far lower upfront and monthly than an iPhone 6.

If this isn’t for you but you are due an upgrade, read our Upgrade Your Phone in 7 Steps guide first.

Though the new iPhone 6 is out (read the best deals here), I see more and more iPhone 5Cs out and about. I’ve got one and I’m a big fan of the more simple look.

I featured a great deal back in the summer that’s sadly ended, but still get traffic to this page so I thought it was time to update! Here are the best deals right now. I’ve only looked at 1GB data deals as anything less and you’re risking running out. It’s generally much cheaper over the duration of the contract to get a mid price monthly cost and mid price upfront cost. EE once again have the best prices.


Right now the best I can find for a 32GB model is £19.99 a month for 24 months and £149.99 upfront with EE. Average that across the whole contract and you pay £25.78 a month.

If you want a 16GB model it’s £30 less upfront, so I think it’s worth paying the extra for double the storage.

LINK: Click here to get an iPhone 5c with EE

Make sure you check you can get the EE signal where you need it (you can check here) and read through all the terms and conditions.


If you’d rather go with O2, Carphone Warehouse are offering a 32GB white iPhone 5C for the price of a 16GB model. It’s £28 a month plus £29.99 upfront, which averages out at £29.24 a month

LINK: Click here to shop for iPhones at Carphone Warehouse


POSTED 9/8/14

EE currently have £129 off a 32GB iPhone 5C with the voucher code EEIPHONE5C32G2499F0814 .

You get 2GB of monthly data plus unlimited minutes and text on a 4G tariff for a monthly cost of £24.99. The contract is for 24 months. The phone brand new without contract from Apple is £549 so this is a great deal!

Here’s how to get it.

  • Click on this link to go to the EE page
  • Select the colour you want
  • Select “See all plans for this phone”
  • You may have to drag the “Maxmimum monthly cost” bar to around £25. The tariffs with phone cost £129.99 should then appear.
  • Hit continue on that tariff.
  • Enter the code EEIPHONE5C32G2499F0814 in the “Got A Voucher” box
  • You should see £129.99 deducted from the total to pay, leaving just a monthly fee of £24.99 and zero upfront.

If you have problems, try using a different browser. I found it worked in Safari but not Chrome.

10 thoughts on “Cheap iPhone 5C deals

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  2. Is this code still active? I’ve tried and it says invalid code.

    1. Hi Carol, Probably not. The deal comes and goes so this could be an “off” period. It’s worth calling them to see. With the new iPhone out soon though I’d expect the 5C and 5S to be a lot cheaper, so there could be similar or better deals.

  3. I keep trying but it just keeps referring me and saying I have to phone 0800 number. Then they say they can’t help as has to be done online or I have to pay 129.99 for phone. Getting frustrated got the code off uswitch and tried using google and safari 🙁

    1. Hmmm. That’s really annoying. Have you tried clearing your cookies? Does the code just not enter at all, or does it accept but say you have to call? When I tried it in Chrome it just wouldn’t accept it, but then it worked fine on Safari.

    2. I’ve just tried quickly on my phone (Chrome) and it accepts the code.

  4. brilliant!! Thank you SO much! Brilliant deal!

    1. No problem! I’m hoping it’ll still be going (or similar) when I need to upgrade.

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  6. Thanks for writing about this amazing deal! Just ordered my new iPhone 5C – can’t wait to receive it!


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