How to not get rejected for a credit card

Know your chance of acceptance before you apply.

If you apply for a credit card and get rejected it’s not only frustrating, it could make it harder to get one elsewhere as every application leaves a mark on your credit file.

But there is a way to know your chances of getting your application accepted and avoid the ones which are likely to say no.

In this video I’ve shared how to precheck your eligibility and increase the chances you’ll get the credit card you want.

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3 thoughts on “How to not get rejected for a credit card

  1. I have very successfully over the last 3+ years been “stoozing” with a succession of 0% purchase and 0% fee-free balance transfer cards-earning a fair bit in interest on money “owed” to the banks.I worked out that this equates to roughly a 3-4% discount on my credit card spend.You rightly point out that comparison sites do not list all available cards.Indeed I recently got a 0% fe-free BT card with a good limit from a bank that was not listed on any site by going direct.Is there any way of getting a straightforward “whole of market” list of deals as I am running out of options on the comparison sites? I hope this query makes sense!

    1. Which bank did you apply to for that card ?

      1. Santander.Hope you are successful!


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