Halifax Reward tracking error fixed

Find out if you need to do anything to get your freebie.

For the last few weeks, the Halifax Reward app hasn’t been tracking the actions required to activate a freebie such as a £5 payment or cinema ticket. Here’s what you need to know.

How do I know if my reward has tracked?

With the Halifax Reward account, you are given a monthly freebie or cash for fullfilling certain criteria. Though there are a few options (detailed in my review here), I recommend going for spending £500 on your Halifax debit card, along with depositing £1,500 into the account and keeping your balance above £0. Each one has to be completed every month to get that month’s reward.

Within the Halifax app you’re able to check your progress so you know that you’ve done what you need to do in order to get your reward.

  • Tap the three dots labelled more next to your account in the app
  • Scroll down to “Track Your Rewards Extras”
  • Expand “Show my offer progress” to see which of the criteria is still to be met

It can sometimes take a few days to track, but you’ll see something like this:

In the middle of the following month you’ll get your reward paid or sent through.

What happened this month?

I transferred my money and spent on each of my cards right at the start of the month, and the tracking appeared in the app as normal.

But it seems it hasn’t updated for those who completed the requirements later in the month. I’ve had numerous messages in the Facebook group and other social channels from people worried something had gone wrong, or perhaps the requirements had changed.

Could the issue be down to the type of card spend?

Obviously people were worried something had gone wrong and it’d mean they didn’t get their freebie this month.

But for some, a bigger concern was that the non-tracking was specific to the type of debit card spending made – as detailed in my multiple Halifax Reward accounts hack. So things like using the card to add money to Revolut or NS&I savings accounts.

If the latter was the case, it’d make it difficult for those with more than one Reward account to trigger the offer. Not good.

Will you get your reward for March?

So on Monday I got in touch with the Halifax press office, and asked them to investigate what happened. Some affected community members kindly gave me permission to share their account details to help with this.

I heard back late on Thursday evening that it was good news. The error is a broader technical one rather than any issues with specific payments made on debit cards. And better still, the payments were still being tracked, they just weren’t showing in the app.

And actually it seems on Friday morning that tracking has been fixed for most users now. So it should say in the app that it tracked fine for March – as long as you did complete the required actions.

Is it worth getting a Halifax Reward account?

Right now, though just for a few days, you can get £175 for switching into Halifax from a different bank, so that is a great deal.

And sticking with it will earn you £5 or a free cinema ticket every month. Also pretty decent. Better still you can open three Reward accounts, to increase your return.

8 thoughts on “Halifax Reward tracking error fixed

  1. I opened 3 Halifax reward accounts last month and met the conditions for all 3. Today, I received the reward for only one of the 3 accounts. Should I get in touch with them or give it a few more days?

  2. It’s so difficult to spend on amex as so few people accept it. I don’t know why you keep pushing it. Are you recieving commission from them??

    1. No matter if I’m in the UK or overseas, I never have trouble spending on my Amex 98% of the time. And for the 2% were there’s an issue, the rewards I get from Amex more than make up for any inconvenience with having to use a different card. Of course I’m no trying to use it small corner shops, but either on line, in hotels or car hire places etc.

  3. Halifax haven’t tracked any of my card payments to Revolut towards the £500 spend.

  4. If they do wise up and change the terms and conditions they’ll probably see a massive exodus of customers who, like me, only have the account for this purpose. It’s a big hoop to jump through for those of who don’t just have a spare £1500 to play with. And the fiver makes a difference every month.

  5. If you keep pestering Halifax, they’re going to wise up to how common your debit card trick is becoming and close the loophole. I suspect your complainants simply haven’t waited long enough. It can take a few days for a DD to go through and why the major panic over five quid?

    1. Yes I wouldn’t have called them personally over £5 to be honest, especially as it wasn’t even the end of the month at that moment and still time to be fixed (plus enough other money geeks did call or message already and reported back the replies!) I am glad that the hack still works for NS&I. Hopefully next month it will be more glitch free. I have enough glitches where I work let alone where I bank as well!

    2. They’re well aware already!


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