Guest blog: Get selling on eBay

Earn extra cash by selling the stuff you don’t want or use.

As you know, once a month I ask a money blogging friend who’s an expert in something I don’t normally write about to share their experiences and tips. When (or if) I use eBay, it’s generally just as a buyer. In fact I think I’ve only ever sold old mobile phones! So this time around I asked the fab vlogger Cora from The Mini Millionaire  to write for me. She’s a frequent eBay seller – going as far as to raid boot fairs and charity shops for more things to sell – so these tips could help you get listing.

A pro-eBay user’s tips to help you sell

Hi, I’m Cora Harrison from The Mini Millionaire. Together with my girlfriend we’ve been selling on eBay for the past 12 months. We’ve managed to use the thousands of pounds we’ve made to help pay for us to travel Europe this summer.

Of the thousand or so items we’ve sold over the past twelve months our highlights include; a retro camcorder we sold for £150, a camera we sold for £75, a bundle of books we sold for £50 and a Star Wars lightsaber toy we sold for £45.

We want to share our hints and tips with you on how you can get started selling on eBay;

What you can sell on eBay

The beautiful thing about eBay is that you can pretty much sell anything and everything you could possibly think of (provided it’s not dangerous or illegal). Let’s take the average household’s belongings:

  • That old mobile phone that’s been in the draw since you got a new contract
Those ski’s in the garage that you’ve not used since 2012
  • The summer dress you’re never going to get back into…
  • That chest of draws your mother in law gave you that you absolutely hate… (no offence mum-in-law)

All of these can be sold on eBay in return for cash. When the eBay boom first came around in 2004 everyone was listing everything on eBay. A decade or so later, most of us simply can’t be bothered. However, selling on eBay really isn’t and doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Why you should sell on eBay

I don’t just see eBay as a great way to make money. I see it as a great way for others in need to grab a bargain while helping the environment by recycling.

Most of us are most easily motivated by that extra £20 in our pocket. So, I’m going to tempt you with that first… The Telegraph estimates that on average each household has £1,000 worth of stuff to sell on eBay or one of its alternatives? So, if you thought you couldn’t afford a summer holiday this year. Think again.

Maybe you’re not a money person. Then instead let me tempt you with a spring clean, a de-clutter. The 21st century has turned us all into crazy consumers. We’ve stuff to clean our stuff with. We’ve stuff to hold our stuff.

Our stuff is just out of control… Instead of feeling overwhelmed dedicate a room to each weekend and work through that room creating piles; trash, donate, keep, sell.

Finally, how many of us absolutely love a bargain! Well people who sell their unwanted stuff give us that chance to own a bargain. Whether it be a dress for a night out, or that must have toy. It’s a win-win!

The cost of selling on eBay

Unlike its free alternative Gumtree. eBay is a paid platform. It’s free to open an account, and it’s free to buy something. The only costs you’ll occur is when you want to sell an item and once that sale goes through.
eBay fees can be complex. However, eBay has this nifty table to demonstrate exactly how much you’ll be paying based on the product you’re selling and your account.

How to Get the Most Cash For Your Stuff + Other eBay Hints & Tips

Here are my top hints and tips when it comes to getting the most out of your eBay sales;

  • Pack your items well. REALLY well. Invest in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, especially for any breakables.
  • Check the cost of postage and packaging, don’t just make it up – it’s likely to be more than you think…
  • Take amazing photos. Photos sell items.
  • Be sure to use keywords in your title. Don’t just write ‘Camera’ instead write ‘Canon 80D DSLR Camera with 15-80mm lens’
  • Compare postage companies. Royal Mail might not always be the cheapest.
  • When using an auction, set to end on Sunday night. It’s when the most people are browsing eBay.
  • Aim to post out any items within 24 hours of the payment being made.
  • If you’re using the “Buy it now” feature, select immediate payment so you can pack and send ASAP
  • If you want to ship internationally use the GSP programme offered by eBay for added protection.
  • Add as much detail as possible; include multiple photos, a detailed description and any listing specifics.
  • Select Collection only for bulky items such as furniture. Although you will get less as you’re restricting your target market.

There you go. Get selling, and good luck!

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