Get £120 for switching to HSBC, plus a possible £223 more in interest

Here’s another great bank switching offer that could net you a 10% return. In fact it could be the best one yet!

If you switch your current account to HSBC Advance account before August 31st you’ll be given a £120 bonus – as long as you pay in £1750 a month. If you don’t get any extras from your current bank, it’s one of the best switching bonus available.

But it gets better.

Once you have the current account, you can also apply for an HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA, where you’ll get a bonus £10 a month interest for 12 months as long as you’ve paid in £300 quid. You’ll also earn 1.4% on the money, worth another £4 or so. That brings your total to £244.

Then, to really max it, you can open a Regular Saver with HSBC which offers 6% interest. If you make the maximum deposit of £250 a month for the full year you’ll get £97.89 at the end of the year.

There’s no tax to pay on any of these extra bits of money, so you can make £343 interest on savings of £3300. That works out a whopping 10.4%.

You can read more about the HSBC ISA and Regular Saver and terms and conditions in my review when the account launched last March.

>> Switch to HSBC for £120, and earn up to an extra £233 in interest (This link does work, but for some reason it’s struck through!)

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