#FoodBankAdvent 2019 – Time to donate your collections

Food poverty is a real issue, especially at Christmas.

Throughout November I’ve once again been taking part in the UK Money Bloggers #FoodBankAdvent campaign. The idea is to collect throughout the month ready to donate to a foodbank at the start of December.

So if you’ve been taking part, or if you just want to help people out who need it, now is the time to hand everything over.

In this video, I take you through what I’ve purchased to donate and explained a little more about why I’ve chosen what I have. Plus below are a few quick tips and further reading.

A few key points for you:

  • Donate now so the foodbanks have time to process what you give
  • Find out what your foodbank needs. Check the Trussel Trust website for details
  • Make sure everything has a decent best before date
  • Think about food that is easy to prepare, such as pot noodles
  • Stick to normal-sized packs
  • Christmas foods are welcome, but don’t go overboard
  • Toiletries are also welcome as donations
  • You can often leave items at your local supermarket for foodbanks to collect
  • If you can keep your donations in bags, the foodbanks will be able to use them when passing on the food and toiletries

Further information

About the #FoodBankAdvent campaign

The Trussel Trust website


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