Fancy a free £185?

There’s a big battle out there to get your banking – and it means you can get some extra cash!

** This Halifax switching deal is back – you can get the extra £25 until 18th October **

How long have you been with your bank? I was with Barclays from my first day at Uni (they were the branch on campus) until 18 months ago. It was the second longest relationship of my life, beaten only by my dentist who lasted around 32 years (I went with my mum before I even had teeth!).

Why did I leave (Barclays, not the dentist)? They offered me nothing. Literally nothing. Then along came a load of other banks telling me I was special. They wanted me so much they’d give me free things! How could I say no?

So I decided to take Halifax’s £100 switching bonus and move my account. On top of the cash they also promised me £5 a month!

I’ve written before about the ways you can make your bank pay you. Cash bonuses are just one incentive. Others offer cashback or high interest rates on savings. All are good deals, but I’d go with the cash bonus every time as there’s no need to switch to get the other offers – you can just open extra accounts. You can read more about how I take advantage of this to max my savings I this article.

Which makes this short term bonus boost from Halifax a fantastic option. They’ve upped the £100 by £25. Add on a year’s worth of £5 and you’ll be £185 better off for doing practically nothing.

Switching is really easy and you’ll have all your direct debits and cash moved, while other regular payments will also be monitored for 13 months giving you plenty of time to change them. It should only take seven working days too.

The extra £25 offer has been extended, but could be withdrawn at any time ends on the 5th April 2015. To get the £5 a month you must pay in £750 a month and have two direct debits.

>> Switch to Halifax and get £125 bonus and £5 a month interest

3 thoughts on “Fancy a free £185?

  1. Halifax only give £3 not £5 per month this was changed some time ago still better than nothing.

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