Easter Sunday Trading

Don’t get caught out by shut shops over Easter

It would go like this. I’d pop out to the shops to pick up some bits for lunch or dinner only to find everything shut. Everything. This would happen to me each year without fail. The reason I would get caught out- it was Easter Sunday. But this year it’s going to be different. I am prepared, and you can be too.

Easter Sunday and Christmas Day are the only days of the year where shops in England and Wales have to shut by law. The exception is any shop that is under 280 square meters and service stations. They can open for as long as they want – including normal Sundays. That means alongside your newsagents and corner shops, most of the Tesco Metro, Sainsbury’s Local and similar mini chains have their doors open for business.

So if you need something for an Easter roast this weekend and don’t have a smaller shop nearby, don’t leave it to the last minute.

If you’re heading to the cinema, museum or other entertainment venue they’ll probably be open as usual. The best advice is to check online before heading out.

Easter Monday isn’t regulated by any law, though many companies do open for shorter hours, or even close.


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