Easter Choc Sale: Hotel Choc, Lindt, Thorntons

Cheap Easter ChocREAL DEAL

Easter eggs and other chocolate are now reduced by more than 50% in many supermarkets and specialist shops, so head down to see what’s on offer. We picked up Lindt Bunnies for £1 in Tesco yesterday, which were £2.99 when full price. Bargain! Online supermarkets have sold out.

There’s also a big sale at Hotel Chocolat, and we’ve a code for free delivery. Head to their site here, and then when you checkout, enter the code FPPCLOUD. It’s still expensive even at half price, but it is tasty!

Thorntons also have a half price sale, and if you spend over £30 (!) you get delivery for £1. The same deals are probably in store too though.

Though more expensive than the ones I found in Tesco, Lindt also have a half price sale. Delivery is £3.95, or free if you spend over £40.

End of season sales are always a bargain times to get cheap chocolate. Read our Spendonomics blog on chocolate for more tips on how to spend less.

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